15″ x 29″ ReachWrap Trunk Shipping Protector


Protect your commercially grown shade trees during shipment. This heavy cardboard sleeve wraps around the trunk and sticks to itself, no tools or string required*!  Just press together around the trunk and move on to the next tree.

  • Protective cardboard only sticks to itself.  Fast and easy.
  • Designed with water-resistance in mind.  Get your trees ready for shipment – even with rain in the forecast.
    • Although ReachWraps look best in the first few weeks of exposure to the elements, in tests they still provided protection after many months in the sun, rain, and snow.
  • Clean and professional look.  Don’t let sloppy burlap bags on your trunks detract from your nursery’s image.
  • 15×29 size is best for trees up to 4″ in caliper.
  • Easy to carry in bundles of 25.

*For best results, apply in temperatures above 55F.

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